Structured But Flexible!

I think you know by now that Expert Circles is about getting to know, like and trust the each other.

In this way when an opportunity arises, the choice is obvious, and business follows. This happens inside the Circle, and for outside connections too, with relevant needs.

The format of the meetings is designed to get to know each other, share what we know, and, of course, make up our own minds to whom to make introductions. It works well.

But, don’t think the meetings are in a rigid format!

Next week in Ipswich we have some good old-fashioned one-to-one networking, while in Sudbury, a member requested advice to help make her charity a roaring success this year. We support each other.

Why don’t you come and see how it’s done?

We want to hear your voice at our meetings next week!

Ipswich 1 August 6.45am

Sudbury 2 August 6.45am