Membership Information 2017


Advantages of membership are:

  • Win business through referrals well matched to your specific expertise
  • Opportunity to take part in meetings specifically designed to show the member’s expertise
  • Listing on the Expert Circles’ website with testimonials from Expert Circles’ members
  • Regular tweets and FaceBook messages about you and your business
  • Opportunities to deliver expert presentations at other Circles (Sudbury and Ipswich currently). These are NOT selling pitches but real knowledge sharing.
  • Opportunities to take part in other Circles’ meetings (Sudbury and Ipswich currently) for the £16 meeting fee
  • Any person from your organization can attend for the member rate of £16 a meeting
  • You can send a substitute to the meeting if you are unable to attend. The substitute does not have to be from your organization.
  • You can invite guests to the meeting charged at £17 a meeting
  • You can bring guests to hear the expert presentations
  • Receive “Non-Executive Board” advice from the hundreds of years business advice in the Circle
  • 12 months’ notice of price increases


As a member you can visit other Circles (currently Sudbury and Ipswich) for the £16 meeting fee.

The membership fee is £90.00 (£75 + VAT) and the monthly fee is £32.00 (£26.67 + VAT) for the meetings. You pay nothing else.

Your membership continues while you pay the monthly fee, it is not an annual fee.

To become a member please set up a regular online bank payment commencing the 1st of the month for the monthly meeting fee of £32 a calendar month and pay the £90 membership fee.

Please use your, or your organizations, name as the reference and payable to:

Motivation Matters Limited Sort Code 20-83-50 Account 30188085

Payments are receipted by email at the end of the month.

Expert Circles is a Trading name of Motivation Matters Limited

VAT Reg No: GB844 727 014

Any questions, please give me a call.