Do you do business with people you don’t like?

There was a post on Facebook recently asking if you would do business with people you don’t like or trust.
Some people said they wouldn’t and I do admire them. If my instinct is telling me not to trust this person I will always be waiting to be proven right!
It is a good idea to get know someone first, the more important the relationship the more essential it is.
Like it or not, whoever you associate with, they are going to be linked to you in people’s memories for a long time.
One of our (Motivation Matters) clients spent 18 months getting to know us in a network before having a five-hour heart to heart. They wanted to find out who we were, our values and our outlook on life.
The Expert Circles network is designed to deliver that comfort of knowing someone well enough to trust them.
One of the ways we do that is with a “Getting to know you” interview with new members.
These are always surprising!
Why not come and see for yourself what makes Expert Circles different?