Being the Boss can be a lonely place – who can you talk to?

If we’ve come from being an employee to starting our own business we are suddenly faced with doing sales, IT, bookkeeping, marketing, finance, never mind delivering your product!

Worse though is the lack of other opinions. Who do you bounce your crazy ideas off? Who is there to point out why your amazing innovation isn’t?

As our business grows we can surround ourselves with trusted advisers. They do cost money, so out of reach for the start-up.

Pick the wrong trusted adviser and you’ll get bad advice! But how do you choose?

One strength of the Expert Circles network is our function as a non-executive Board for our members.

Our meetings are designed to give opportunities for members to demonstrate their expertise, to lay themselves open to questions, in genuine knowledge sharing presentations, not sales pitches.

Over time, you learn to trust them and seek their advice.

Why not come and see for yourself?