How do you choose a supplier?

Do you ask your friends if they can recommend someone?

You may recall the discussion around Facebook recommendations recently, with distinctions being made between a personal experience of the supplier and having met them at a networking event.

That is a big difference in the strength of recommendation.

When you choose a supplier, and the more important the task the more relevant this is, you want someone you can trust and someone who is likeable.

The skill of the salesperson is to override all that with glowing words and fancy images. No wonder people hate being sold to even while loving to buy!

Surely it makes sense to gain a little experience of the supplier before committing to a big important purchase? It is easy to be misled.

What you want is the opportunity to see the supplier perform in an environment where you can challenge and ask awkward questions. Then you can decide for yourself if you trust and like the person and if you believe they can satisfy your need.

This is one of the founding principles of Expert Circles. Our presentations are genuine knowledge sharing. Sales pitches are not allowed.

You’ll get to learn something. You’ll meet some great people and it might just improve your business.